Saturday, May 23, 2009

Larks, Edible Community

I can't find my camera usb cord :( No update on bagels!  

Well, there's still plenty of foodly things to discuss. 

I'm back home in Gloucester, MA so predictably I'm investigating all there is to offer here in terms of food. Good news! The Boston/New England foodie land is bustlin'.  

Yesterday I went to our local crunchy natural foods store and they had samples of a Gloucester produced cookie company called Larks. They're on the savory track with tasty varieties like rosemary-salt shortbread, Mexican chocolate, and a Provencale inspired cookie with olives. Today I found an article on the company in Edible Boston. Trust, they're good so if you're on the North Shore/Boston area, do try!

Can I take this opportunity to gush over Edible magazines? Especially because at home they're free! They have such good picks for restaurants and small-scale suppliers: amazing bakeries, wineries, cheesy restaurants, DIY tofu..what else!? There's a specific publication for each region, so whether you're from Buffalo or Oahu they'ze got it. Find clubs, organizations, businesses to satisfy cravings in any region! I can't love it enough. 

Anywho, look forward to a shower of posts when I find my cord!


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