Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Israeli couscous!

Yes my friends, we revert to the backlog of stuff I've made but ne'er posted! 

Being a curious eater, upon seeing a new sort of couscous (on sale I might add) at TJ's I made a move. 

What to cook with Israeli couscous? Luscious dried fruits (preferably of the Mediterranean persuasion) and nuts. This sort of couscous is plumper and I'd say nuttier. When you pan-fry it, crispy deliciousness ensues. 

I cooked the buggers in olive oil, added some rosemary. Once the couscous was cooked, I added some chopped hazelnuts, apricots, and my favorite: DATES. Top it of with some orange juice, salt, pepper, and citrus zest. 

Apparently this is how one would say bon appetit in Hebrew: (b'tayavon) בתיאבון
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