Sunday, May 3, 2009

česky cabbage soup: what to STEW on a rainy day.

Step 1: the broth, throw cubed potatoes  and pickled cabbage (about 4 and 2 cups respectively) into about six cups of salted water. When soft add spices: bay leaves, caraway seeds, allspice, peppercorns. 
Chop a large onion and sautee with paprika (didn't have it :( ),  and few tablespoons of butter until brown. Then, add to the stewing mixture.
If you likes meatsies...sausage! I got some Bilinski's uncured sausage but feel free to get some at a Polish market on 2nd ave or something of that nature. 
When the sausage is a wee bit crispy and browned, add it to the mixture that's been stewing on medium heat...let it hang out until it tastes thick and yummy (tastes thick?) 

This polevka is best served with a dollop of sour cream, a hunk of rye and a pivo. Dobrou čhut!

Mmm like any good česky food, letting it sit out for a day doesn't hurt...perhaps better with age?

I got this recipe from where else? the Czech Republic's official website!! "charm of traditions, magic over a stove"

here's what they have to say about such a soup: "Cabbage soup is a fundamental part of both Czech and Slovak cuisine. Despite the fact that it is simple to prepare, there is an infinite number of ways to make this soup. Not only does the soup differ from region to region, but from village to village. In addition to its EXQUISITE taste, “zelňačka” as it’s called, is packed full of vitamins."


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