Thursday, May 28, 2009

cupcakes: or muffcakes, where it began

You may ask yourself how perpetual hunger got involved in the cupcake contest previously recounted. It began with these delicious carrot cupcakes I found on epicurious. 

While the process is not thoroughly documented, I promise this recipe produced a delicious moist cake full of delightful spice and a little tang from the orange icing. As for this icing, I added a bit of butter and thick greek yogurt for body and to give it something else besides the taste of sugar. 

I pretty much followed the recipe but you can mix it up with the spices...and important detail! I added carob chips. (Please try carob if you haven't already..and DO try related sweets if you're ever in Portugal...they know how to do a carob) they added a nice earthy and sweet crunch. 


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