Monday, May 4, 2009

FRANK restaurant

beware the flash!!! over exposure!!!!
seared salmon with capers and lemon served over a bed of arugula

oricchiette (little ears) with a white sauce featuring sausage, kale, annd garlic

black spaghetti with calamari in a slightly spicy tomato basil sauce

kristen, cecelia, and I headed to 88 2nd ave, btwn 5th and 6th tonight for a wine and dine

the executive chef/owner (frank) has two sister places, one of which i've been to ("SUPPER": which ROCKS). this is his southern italian branch, FRANK, which rocks just as hard, although southern italian fare doesn't instinctively make me salivate quite as much as that of the north. i know i speak generally, for anyone who knows anything about italian cuisine. it's a bit more regional than north/south, 'course.

you may miss the place because the awning only says "a place to eat" and the door says "Vera" the name of the wine bar inside. somehow, all this made FRANK cuter. cute cute cute.

BESIDES ALL THIS, the food was wonderful!!! the winner tonight was definitely the squid ink spaghetti. it was fresh and tender, and the red sauce was perfectly spiced. two other lovely plates of seared salmon with arugula and oricchiette with sausage cream sauce were feasted on as well. our bottle of red wine was just right even though i can't recall the name. i believe it may have been the first on the wine list.

photos are crazy white-washed, but I posted them anyway!

PS: all in all, everything is reasonably priced as well, with almost every main dish on the menu falling between 10 and 20 dollars, and a few even going in the 9s. worth it.

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