Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vegetable quandary: kohlrabi, easy pasta to impress!

Kohlrabi salad with strawberries, raisins, and goat cheese

Lemon-pepper pappardelle with tomatoes and tuna

Sometimes you'll find yourself at the grocery store, farmers' market, what have you, with quizzical looks at certain produce. One vegetable in question: kohlrabi. This purple alien root veggie may be a bit off-putting. I'm not sure the full range of what you can do with it but I'm pretty sure you can treat it like a radish or turnip. So, that's what I did!

Slice up the bulb and toss with strawberries (or some other seasonal fruit), raisins, nuts, and chevre.

Over at TJ's I tried this pasta in the sample station. It's quite easy and elegant seeming, same goes for most pasta that could pass for homemade. They had some cheapo lemon pepper pappardelle tossed with tomatoes and olive-oil canned tuna. Super easy and good for times when it's hot: add a but of parmesan or basil, or any other italian sort of ingredient and you'll stay classy.


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