Monday, July 13, 2009

Pseudo azn' dinner

Epic noodles
Miso-based dressing

Radishes from the side of the the best way possible!

You too can pretend to have hearty Asian dinners! To start we have a fairly standard Japanese-style salad of thinly-sliced radishes and cucumbers with a miso based dressing (mix to taste, soy sauce, miso paste, rice vinegar). 

Then cook your udon! A lot of udon is pre-cooked and packed...quite easy and VERY hearty. So just cook it for a few minutes (it doesn't need much time). I cooked up some snow peas, squash, corn, and onions with oil and then miso paste and soy (the kind for noodles, with bonito), then stirred in the cooked noodles. 


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