Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Perfect omelettes: read em' weep!

A nice wholesome omelette: cianti salami, onions, tomato, kale, scallions, and chevre, paired with a toasty piece of potato bread

Sometimes even if you've memorized something it's good to go back to the source and see what else there is to be learned, such is the case when learning a song or making a good omelette.

One morning I decided to make omelettes and also decided to check in on the joy of cooking. I opted for the milkless French omelette (as opposed to fluffy).

If you want to put a cooked filling inside, cook it first! I like adding cheese with the actual eggs.

Take 2-3 eggs (or 5 is what I used for two people) and crack them of course. Stir together but DONT BEAT! See how the first picture has big clumps of white, just basically break up the yolk and mix the eggs around a bit.

Coat the pan in butter (I actually used ghee, clarified butter) until glistening, then add your eggs cook on medium high/high all while swirling the liquid so it nearly coats the edges. Voila! in a few minutes you'll have the shell to hold your delicacies. When the eggs start losing their liquid sheen, add the cooked ingredients and fold, cook for less than a minute and enjoy! Top with fresh herbs and leftover fillings.


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