Sunday, July 26, 2009

Soba Bowl!

After visiting Angelica Kitchen (300 East 12th Street). Nay, let me rephrase that: after visiting Angelica Kitchen's WEBSITE, I was inspired to create today's lunch.

...I DID dine at Angelica last night, but, what I ordered, the "Dragon Bowl", was less than inspiring. It's definitely their "we cater to starving models" dish: a plate of steamed everything with a tiny portion of dressing on the side (the way they phrase it on the menu created a more hearty, satisfying image in my mind). On the bright side, when you mix the brown rice, beans, and seaweed together and put brown rice gravy on top, it doesn't completely fail. (Regardless, I still went to Pommes Frites after. Long live the sweet mango chutney mayo!)

But to the point! If you click on the website, you'll see the montage of a Soba dish being created. While viewing this, I thought, "I could definitely arrange that".

And so I did, just a moment ago!

My Soba Bowl:

1. Put steaming hot Soba Noodles in the bottom of the bowl with a bit of hot water. Be sure to reserve some water in your pot for the kelp! Stir in a little bouillon.

2. Arrange raw shredded carrots and bell peppers on top. Slice extra firm tofu and do the same.

3. Drop some kelp (I have the kind thats dried and all covered in salts...) into the hot water for a bit just to let them soak up water and shed their caked on ocean-y layer.

4. Add the kelp, drizzle tamari on top, and finally shake on some sesame seeds!

If I had shiitakes, bean sprouts, and a bit of sesame oil, this would be even more of the kind of amazing it already was.

I have to say, I really do like food like this if it's done right. I've been eating a slaw all summer that just has carrots, avocado, tofu, and sesame seeds in it. I'll put it over some sticky rice, and it's satisfying for some reason. It's something about the balance of ingredients. As long as you get the right combination of textures, and as long as it's all salted properly, it works. So here's to health.


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