Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dinner: fishies, biscuits, greens, and potatoes

Sauteed fresh veggies! Chick root grows like a weed, is a weed, is tasty.

Spicy cayenne potatoes

Look at those beauties!

Slather some butter on these

As recently attested, it's hard to screw up good fish. Basically dress it up with herbs and a few of these: breadcrumbs, lemon, butter. Thus I tell myself I've got to take advantage of the summer Gloucester digs by eating a LOT of fish.

Here's a nice din din: sauteed some veggies from the garden, kale and chick root (an edible weed...genius!)

Sprinkle some dill, breadcrumbs and butter pieces on a couple haddock filets and make a little foil pouch (or don't it's still yummy!)

Cut potatoes and roast with olive oil and spices for about 30 minutes at 350/375 depending on your oven.

Ahh and the biscuits, whole wheat got you down? I made these with half whole wheat/half white whole wheat (but probably should have used white). You can really take the heaviness out of whole wheat by using a cup of sour cream in the recipe (not in addition to a recipe...that'd be awkward).


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