Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ippudo Ramen

On a very peculiar block lies a very swanky Japanese Ramen house. Between 10th and Wanamaker on 4th avenue, you will hear the swishing of cars past the Astor Place Kmart, and Ippudo.

Beware the long wait, dance music, and blood red motif, but don't let it frighten you away.

The ramen is GOOD. And finally a noodle place where the pork topping is DELICIOUS and not weird.

Thin, but slurpable noodles are nestled in the porky-est, umami-est (albeit quite salty) broth. A special signature broth, apparently: Tonkotsu. Well it's damn good. There are two main bowls, a "classic" and a "modern", the latter differing from the former with an addition of garlic oil, chili paste, and some different toppings. Essentially, though, they are very similar. I ordered the classic.

Definitely recommended. And I hear their pork buns are amazing, too.


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