Saturday, July 4, 2009


Just some of the feast! MA collard greens, juice-salt licious hot dogs, toasty buns, French-style potato salad with oil and herbs, roasted onions
Leftover fennel greens? Boil for a few minutes, ice bath, then mix in raisins, grapes, crushed nuts, olive oil, and summery spices.

Grilled onions..vidalias are sweet and tender!

Blistering hot dogs: yum.
Dinin' al fresco
Some kick-but German mustard: otherwise known as senf! It's from Karl's sausage kitchen..magnificent!
Portabellos and greens

OHmAGAD is' da forth. Anyhow, I usually never do anything exciting for our nation's birth. We just have a mini-family gathering and BBQ on the smoky joes...which are pretty ghetto-fabulous wee 14-inch charcoal grills.

There were many tasty treats to be had, some not pictured such as: fruit salad, grilled corn, and some splendid Italian sweet spicy sausages.

Some fun grilling experiments:

...of course toasty buns
...portabellos! brush both sides with olive oil, salt, and pepper. After grilling the bottom brush the cap with some seasoning of choice and grill that side
...collard greens boil them in water with salt and butter (boil water, then disolve butter and salt, then boil greens for 3 minutes and but them in an ice bath) stack the greens about 5-7 high and let them go for about five minutes on each side...charred and moist! Was kann besser sein?
...corn easy! leave the husk on and wrap in tin foil...then wait

Basically everything tastes good grilled...more experiments to come! pork butt? dessert?


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