Monday, April 13, 2009

why do we like brownies so much? this time with ghee!

Like my comrade I too was inspired to bake brownies nearly a fortnight ago. While making bread I spied the recipe on the back of the flour bag. It's a vicious cycle. Since most of my cooking involves little planning I realized there was no butter left (or not enough for baking). Alack, from years earlier I still had a jar of ghee (qu'est-ce c'est? clarified butter which never goes bad..i think p.s. alton brown has a recipe). And like most things I make, again it's an effort to use stuff I already have so that will come into play at discussion of icing.

Here's the recipe for the "best fudge brownie recipe ever" 's pretty delicious. I used some broken-up caramel filled chocolate squares instead of chocolate chips. Feel free to throw in whatever on the lines of nuts, fruit, and chocolates.

Also, take note of DUTCH PROCESS cocoa. It's not a big deal for brownies but for legit baking you'll need to be sure you get the right cocoa for your recipe. In short it's treated with an alkali to reduce its acids so you'll need to add an acid like lemon juice if you're substituting dutch for regular.

On to icing:
I also like the creamy cheesy brownie combo so I made a haphazard icing in the spirit of haphazard bean dips gone by.

Softened cream cheese (maybe a cup?)
1/2 cup sugar (confectioner's is ideal)
mint leaves
some kind of jam if you're weird. i used blackberry
note! these measurements are not exact

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