Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Nature's Warheads"

These two items, though, seemingly, very different, are, in fact, very, very alike. (PS -how many times can I use a comma in one sentence?!)

KUMQUATS!!! I had my first one just a day or so ago and wow. I am so pleased. It's the fruit that I knew was always missing from my realm of experience, but exists! These little citrus gems are entirely edible, and should be eaten that way, rind and all. In fact, some people prefer to eat only the rind (indeed, kumquats are good for pickling, cand-ying, jell-ying...) This is because it is the RIND that is sweet and chewy, and the center gives a juicy burst of sour. So, it really does include the full flavor profile of the Warheads of our youth, only backwards.
Highly recommended if you like things that kick. GOOD for you. Good FOR you. Yum.

ooh fellows speaking of kumquats but maybe not GOOD for you...cones' upscale flavor of the month is with kumquats soaked in johnny walker classy it's $1 to taste S.

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