Thursday, April 9, 2009

A brief ode to Iceland

for the record..the chocolate passes!

After tasting the joys of skyr (Icelandic thick strained yoghurt apparently it's "something between a yoghurt and a quark") I figure the land of Bjork and other such wonders will give great things. Yes, a cup of Siggi's may put you back a couple dollars but just abstain from coke for a day.

Today, with this in mind, I picked up smjor: Icelandic butter with a beauteous yellow hue much like that of my comrade's Kerry Gold. Ah, this is like Viking's butter! I didn't have anything butter deserving but it was still delicious and a tad salty on a crispy cracker. I think Iceland is just a place of pure Next: some fishies and chocolate. 

Read on! the delights of Iceland are invading our gastro-culture


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