Thursday, April 30, 2009

let's...get...yogurt! more adventures in the land of diy.

a tasty treat! creamy and tangy

Yogurt: it's delicious and perhaps an elusive creation? Non! your cultured friend is quite easy to make at home.

All you need: thermometer (submerge-able), milk, existing yogurt, powdered milk, and a warm space/oven
the type of ingredients varies on what flavor you're going for.

I looked around online for recipes and mostly used the guide on 101 cookbooks. You can definitely go without the yogurt maker but I'm sure it make a more even texture


heat 4 cups milk with 2/3 cup powdered milk (180 degrees)
let cool to about 120, then add blended yogurt of choice (add in a little of the milk to the container before combining)

place in a warm place/over at 110 degrees for about six hours...voila! then you can use this batch as the next one's starter

adventures?? skyr? cottage cheese? si se puede!


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