Sunday, April 19, 2009


showdown! wet vs. dry!
melting chocolate

Saga in making a cake for Ms. Rachel Tonthat

what to do when birthdays come? bake! 

I got this recipe from Gourmet by way of epicurious

If yer going to do it..don't stress about certain specifics like mixers and pans etc. it'll still be delishious! 

I got 3 cake pans at duane reade for 50 cents a piece..but it's a bit difficult to cut them in half so i didn't try...just 3 big layers did i make.

before you cook: take out the eggs and butter and bring to room temp

if you don't have a beater..just stir well 

oh and for the frosting: 3 sticks of butter ya heard?! if there's no confectioners sugar is to be had you can make it by adding 1 tsp of cornstarch per cup of sugar and blend in a food processor/blender/or my personal tool the magic bullet

note of melting chocolate: double boiler! you can make one by putting a heat-safe bowl over a pot of the chocolate and be sure not to let it burn or to let the water boil

tangent!! saw this on epicurious today!! AHHH just the name. 


  1. This is my new favorite blog. I live vicariously through this now that I'm poor and jobless. Thank you!

  2. no david! this is to be inspirational! cooking at home is cheaper than eating out! noodles are under 5 dollars! explore the gastronomical universe!