Saturday, April 18, 2009

East Village Cheese

I visited EVC today, in order to pick up some tangy chunks of aged goodness for my cast iron skillet macaroni and cheese. I had plans on a pinkie-in-the-air, fancy schmancy mac and cheese, including brie, figs, pancetta, comte, etc, but when I arrived, had come to the conclusion that I should master a trad. American-ish variety first. SO, I picked up some Sharp Cheddar for 2.99/lb (!!), a variety of Gruyere (3.99/lb), and Pecorino Romano.

I can't say enough about East Village Cheese. It's a wonderful place. Just go in and turn right to find one of the best deals in NYC, 1.50 for a huge wedge of Brie. Take one and a baguette to the park and you and two friends have a picnic for about 3 bucks.

I headed up to Trader Joes after to pick up some bacon, bread crumbs, and whole milk. Will document the process tonight.


read em' and weep: 

specials last week: 
blue gouda, excellent blue cheese! salty, creamy, a little crunchy, without that bite other varieties have
kirsch something- creamy desserty cheese, basically taste like cherry candy and cream cheese
bother either 2,99 or 3,99 a pound!


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