Saturday, April 18, 2009

Slow Food!

Ever feel like you want to be the kind of person that savors and has 3 hour Portuguese-style meals? You can do it! And, it doesn't have to make you broke...all the more reason to DYI!

Not to get serious or anything but eating like a European (or all the other cultures that actually VALUE their food preparation and enjoyment) means buying and thinking like one. This means quality not quantity. Often taking shortcuts to get the better deal ends up causing problems in the long run...take everything that's wrong with ecology for example, or the fact that most diet foods are 90% chemicals (i made it up..but probably true).

Buying what you need and what's good stuff. Chances are with food and whatever else, you'll be happier at the end. So why consumption speech on a food blog? Because that sacred aspect has been commodified like everything else..which means less time spent with friends and tasty treats. Check out The Story of Stuff and In Defense of Food..they're much more convincing than me!

Would you rather: spend $20 on 6 meals worth of microwave dinners and diet soda or get fresh pasta, farmed veggies, and moderately priced vino? mm I think the latter.

Slow Food NYC has a wonderful snail of approval guide to the best quality food joints in the city. I always like these staples to add on:

-TJ's/Whole Foods obvi.
-East Village Cheese
-Stiles Market (cheap produce etc. at 42nd and 9th ave.)! they have some good deals on stuff like apples/dairy although often it's a splurge
-For spices etc. I've had good luck with the vein of Indian/Pakistani joint on Lexington and 28th
-Chinatown! wonderful loose teas, fresh tofu, noodles, and bean sprouts..and if you're going to buy from a supermarket (such as the d'ag bag or gristedes) you'll get fresher/cheaper here an old lady and peruse the weekly fliers of all those places only need a few things to cook around: a pan of sorts and some fresh ingredients. Enjoy!


p.s. A tangent: I have to mention this cocktail...they're making it at Brooklyn's Huckleberry Bar for a Slow Food meetup called "The Slur": The cocktail special will be the “Queen of Hungary’s Water.” Its a Rosemary Infused Bourbon with Fresh Lemon, a House Made Pear Syrup and splash of Pear Brandy - served on the rocks with a sprig of Fresh Rosemary. MMMM next project..perhaps vodka infusions?

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