Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ode to miso

Miso miso fighting in the dojo, oriental prince in a land of soup!

Anywho, miso is essential to everyone's pantry and list of condiments! It can be used in soups, for dressings, just about anything that needs a yummy base to mix into.

There are many types of miso, but I don't want to explain nor do I know what I'm talking about! So just read the wikipedia article!

One thing I've been doing when I'd like a little warm soup on a cloudy day: heat water and add about 1 tablespoon of miso per cup (depending on your salt desires), when it gets fairly hot, add some dehydrated seaweed (pretty easy to get at asian stores..not nori!).
Since beautiful BOK CHOI is in season eat some! it's very cheap, especially in your local chinatown. If you put the greens in the soup and then take them out, cook them in the liquid that comes along and add some soy soup base like this stuff you've got yourself a tasty quick cheap soup! Crack in an egg or add fresh scallions for a true treat!


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