Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Finit! I'll say that the barley flavor is salvaged by eating these with goat cheese and jam, something that matches the earthy flavor.
boiling in the malt-ese water
making cute bagels is harder than it looks
aye! kneading why do you torture me!?
being uncharacteristically meticulous
The Troops

SO, I've been trying to bond with le book: Bread Alone. but it is INTENSE involving various types of thermometers and flours. I tried to start simple with our quotidien bagel pleasure yet it was more difficult than expected.

I think some of my bread fails are with yeast/ the amount of time it takes to rise. Also, I would not boil the bagels in malt syrup (the end up tasting like beer wort) and use all white flour (since it's white whole wheat anyways). Still I think bread baking is one of those things you have to do a million times before it's fabulous...there's still time! I WILL make bagels once again.


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