Saturday, June 13, 2009

Armenian delights

Ah, what a ghetto-looking spread. I promise it's delicious! Wandering around Boston's suburbs, I happened across a little vein of Armenia in Watertown. Thus, if you're in the area, definitely pay a visit to some of these little shops and restaurants!

I was quite happy to see a plethora of pickled veggies: peppers, artichokes, olives the works. Cheeses, nuts, dried fruits, sweets like baklava and the little pink thing above is like Turkish delight...covered in dried rose petals!

I also found some fruit syrup (I don't think Marco Polo brand is top of the line) which I miss for making a low-effort juice by just putting a bit in water (or flavor whatever is good tasting like fruit). I know Brighton Beach is a good place for such syrups: black currant, raspberry, the works!

Oh, not to forget, the baked goods! They had a lot of bread and pies, eggplant and bean dishes etc. Pictured above is the remains of my spinach, tahini, walnut pie!

The two markets I visited:

Arax Market

Sevan Bakery

They're both on Route 16 in Watertown, going into Boston.


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