Sunday, June 14, 2009


Custard FAIL: scrambled eggs

Cone FAIL: cookies?? pizzelle?

Since it's been a few days since the last post, I figured it would be fitting to give two examples of what NOT to do. My fails aren't well documented since they're usually not very memorable or photogenic.

I tried to make a custard and wasn't quite patient or knowledgeable in the ways of my stove, therefore the milk got TOO hot, dare I say boiling! Such is not cool for custard. Therefore, ample chunks of eggies were present and it didn't get nice n' thick. Lesson learned: custard requires patience and will probably end up with more chunks than not until mastered.

Inspired by The Perfect Scoop, I tried the cone recipe, thinking myself above parchment paper and nursing them in the oven. Of course the batter was yummy, along with the end resume. But, as you can see the mixture didn't come off the paper, much less form something resembling a cone. Lesson: use parchment paper and check the little ones while they bake!


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