Monday, June 15, 2009

Eat Your Leafy Greens

Here's the thing: I don't like spinach. I think it has an unappatizing flavor and a droopy watery texture.

I always thought this meant I didn't like leafy greens, because spinach is the most readily available/popular, so clearly it must be the most tasty/mild, right? WRONG.

Three more delicious choices:

1. KALE! Best sauteed (as are most of them I think). Has a cabbage-like flavor, which doesn't sound appetizing until you try it, not at all bitter when cooked, is crunchy and awesome. The curlz are pretty too.

2. SWISS CHARD! Almost sweet, this topper of the beet plant is so perdy (especially if you get the rainbow variet) and wilts in SECONDS so throw it in to your pasta sauce at the LAST MINUTE.

3. ARUGULA! On Pizza. Yes.


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