Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas! ...on a plate

The star of the show: a ham of delicious and epic proportions. ahh I'll just stare at this when I get lonely

Mashed potatoes: courtesy of ample sour cream, butter, milk, food mill, and heavy cream

Mustard vinaigrette green beans

Christmas Eve

Potato Gratin: looks fancy, tastes fancy...ridiculously simple

A bread of lovely texture and over yeast-ness

Oh Haddock, I miss you! Leave the skin on my friends.

Not pictured for Christmas eve: strawberry shortcake with cream biscuits and fresh whipped cream

All the Christmas Eve stuff was pretty easy. I made some 1 hour dinner rolls which really called for far too much yeast...but I did use it after all!

Potato Gratin: so easy and I'll so make it again Just slice up some Yukon Gold potatoes and layer them in a pan with salt and pepper..pour on some milk (don't skimp and use anything but whole) and in an hour...viola! crispy soft good ones...garnish with parsley

On to Christmas!

I'm really excited about the ham choice. We originally had some lame-o foil wrapped ham from the grocery store but I was difficult and wanted to get the one at the little market in town (of the more free rangey persuasion) and sooo worth it. I'm addicted and excited to later make soupppppe.

It got nice and crispy..but SO juicy. I made a glaze out of honey, brown sugar, molasses, maple syrup, vinegar, mustard, and dry mustard. Once you've had zis ham you never go back.

Vegetables: roasted onion, parsnips, and carrot with olive oil and thyme accompanied by roasted beets, green bean with vinaigrette, mashed potatoes (if you can call them vegetables)

top it off with raisin sauce!

For desert: banana bread pudding and pear pie (more about that later)

Ahh I'm quite full right now and I shall relish leftovers in the near future.

I think this is pretty all encompassing so Happy Winter Solstice!


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