Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chocolate Review

I'm not a Lindt chocolate person. SORRY! My heart beats only for Valrhona, which you can find in giant chunks at Whole Foods. Those Lindt "truffles"? No way. No flavor, the chocolate middle is a tasteless goo.


Lindt has a new product on the market: A Touch of Sea Salt bar

oh my oh my. they made mommy very happy. the smooth, buttery dark(ish) chocolate is very appealing and then suddenly BAM, a lovely burst of salty-sweet in thy mouth.

not unlike a chocolate covered pretzel minus the pretzel.

delicious. still not sure why lindt's packaging has to look like a 1980's power trip, though.



  1. did you happen to see my post on icelandic sirius chocolate? I am quite partial to valrhona myself, however this icelandic stuff is freaking deep, dark and sexy (and not to mention cheap) and I may have a new favorite..maybe i should do a taste comparison

  2. It's totally cheap and delicious...why is Icelandic chocolate cheap and skyr so expensive?