Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Buckwheat Honey

I'm a honey slut. I put it in my smoothie in the morning, I drizzle it on my skyr in the afternoons, and let it melt into my tea in the eve. I will be experimenting with different sorts of honeys in the upcoming months.

I bought a pound and a half of the stuff from Whole Foods about 3 weeks ago (aaand it's gone today.. oh dear). You know, the "organic Amber" honey. It tasted good, like honey, but there was nothing particularly remarkable about it. And then I saw that it was sourced from at least two different places, and that thrilled me even less than the flavor, so I told myself that the next time, I would buy a more interesting honey.

Flash to today and the Buckwheat Honey that I just opened. This is a whole other animal. This was the sexiest honey I've ever tasted. It's almost purple, and reeks, and is faintly smoky. It would be amazing as a component of a glaze for barbecue or whatnot. I had it over my skyr, and it was awesome as well.

Of course, honey is honey. Nutritionally it's all the same ... the flavors just come from the different sort of flower the bees use. But, man is it a different experience..

I bought McLure's brand. Any honey suggestions?



  1. i am really thirsting to try Bee Raw Honey in those sleek jars that i see everywhere (murrays, whole foods, barnyard, etc). i really want to try the sweet yellow clover and star thistle because they're opaque and cool looking... however, they come at 13 dollars a jar, so i have been hesitant, but perhaps i shall bee inspired to splurge and put it on...everything, as you say to.
    also, i am currently hoping to make pierogi and a clementine quick bread.

    macoun power!

  2. suzanne is slacking with the posts